Start your hero path by selecting a unique class. Defeat enemies to learn and grow your character's strength. Search the world for unique equipment and items to help you along your journey!

In FiatFighterz, you'll find elements such as:

Massively multiplayer online
Boss fights and unique dungions
Extensive loot and unique items
Player to player trading
Tough and challenging fights

What are the launch details?

The initial release of 300 NFTs will occur on our website via the minting page, ensuring exclusivity as these designs will not be minted again. Secondary sales will take place on Trove.

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The FiatFighterz NFT collection consists of entirely unique characters which makes all FiatFighterz equally rare. The collection is created with the purpose of being a ticket to the FiatFighter'z universe. FiatFighter NFTs are actual players within the game and be careful… death is permanent

Ultra Rare Fiatfighterz

Dual-Token Economy/Model

$FIAT holders will be able to claim rewards if they stake their tokens, play the game, and participate in key governance votes. In addition the Community Treasury accumulates fees generated from various activities, including the purchase of new FiatFighters NFTs. Once the network achieves adequate decentralization, $FIAT stakers will oversee the governance of this treasury. BUY $FIAT
When the character dies, the player earns SOUL tokens, which is obtained from certain achievements during a character’s lifespan including killing biome bosses and mobs which are located in ice and volcanic biomes. $SOUL is the primary means to get your hands on in-game resourcees, accessories, gear, and other consumables. BUY SOUL


What Blockchain will the NFTs be Minted on?
We believe that Radix DLT will soon take over the crypto and web3 spaces. It is the only L1 solution that is technically capable to provide unlimited scalability without breaking the atomic composability. Supporting Radix is a long-term goal so we are here to stay and to contribute to the growth of the network.
When is the game being released?
Fiat Fighterz the game has been in development for over 2 years and is ready to be released in early April 2024!
How can I access the game?
To access the game you need to have a FiatFighter NFT in your radix wallet. To buy one head to or be a $HUGS token holder to recive a free nft airdrop.
How can I buy $FIAT tokens

Meet our team

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